Monday, July 2, 2012

Being a HOH...


Strike a Pose

Beautiful Photos By Beatrice Serendipity 

Models (left to right): 

Nino Heartsdale, Krystanna Wycliffe, Ona Waffle, 

and Beatrice Serendipity 


Well, Nino got a bee in her bonnet--or in this case, a feather up her ass--and made us all wear House of Heartsdale uniforms!! 

Do you see a feather up there?

Thankfully, the shorts are adorable and we are sporting the HOH tag quite happily!

 (Crappy Photos by Yours Truly)


We have Miel to thank for these cute shorts, only $L50 last Fifty Linden Friday, proving once again that you don't have to spend a lot to look like a proper HOH. If you do get them, you can change the tag to say anything you like , or nothing at all. House of Heartsdale Models aren't allowed to change ours. It's so hard being a model... /me cries into her diary....

(Beautiful Photo again by Bea Serendipity. 

Thanks Bea! You are so awesome!!!) 


~What We're Wearing~




Nino Heartsdale

Hair: Truth

Top: Cold Logic

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer

Shoes: N-Core


Krystanna Wycliffe

Hair: Exile

Top: Maitreya

Jewelry: Mandala

Boots: Valentina E.


Ona Waffle

Hair: Truth

Top: One Bad Pixel

Feet: Maitreya


Beatrice Serendipity

Hair: Lelutka

Top: Ison

Sunglasses: Miel

Boots: Miel

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