Monday, July 2, 2012

Being a HOH...


Strike a Pose

Beautiful Photos By Beatrice Serendipity 

Models (left to right): 

Nino Heartsdale, Krystanna Wycliffe, Ona Waffle, 

and Beatrice Serendipity 


Well, Nino got a bee in her bonnet--or in this case, a feather up her ass--and made us all wear House of Heartsdale uniforms!! 

Do you see a feather up there?

Thankfully, the shorts are adorable and we are sporting the HOH tag quite happily!

 (Crappy Photos by Yours Truly)


We have Miel to thank for these cute shorts, only $L50 last Fifty Linden Friday, proving once again that you don't have to spend a lot to look like a proper HOH. If you do get them, you can change the tag to say anything you like , or nothing at all. House of Heartsdale Models aren't allowed to change ours. It's so hard being a model... /me cries into her diary....

(Beautiful Photo again by Bea Serendipity. 

Thanks Bea! You are so awesome!!!) 


~What We're Wearing~




Nino Heartsdale

Hair: Truth

Top: Cold Logic

Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer

Shoes: N-Core


Krystanna Wycliffe

Hair: Exile

Top: Maitreya

Jewelry: Mandala

Boots: Valentina E.


Ona Waffle

Hair: Truth

Top: One Bad Pixel

Feet: Maitreya


Beatrice Serendipity

Hair: Lelutka

Top: Ison

Sunglasses: Miel

Boots: Miel

Monday, May 28, 2012


That's right, SpaceHOHs! House of Heartsdale Models will be gracing Metaverse Island's grand opening of their Space Station. Nino was showing Laura and I the sim, and we were struck with space fever when we saw Laura's sex-spacy outfit in cool blue. Nino, in dominatron green, and racy-spacy red for myself, never missing an opportunity to show off my ass. I mean, seriously, look at it. So shiny! 

Here we are, practicing our space-karate moves. Well, more like Pilates/Tae-Bo moves. We SuperModels gotta stay in shape you know. The HOH Models won't be providing security for the grand opening, but we are still prepared, so better watch your ass. Or better yet, watch ours. Did I mention shiny?

So hope to see you at the Grand Opening! Its should be a great time, and there's a lot to see. 
(Tries not to mention shiny arses)

Make it so:

Laura18 Streeter, Nino Heartsdale, Krystanna Wycliffe

Hair: Laura and Krys: Truth, Nino: Tukinowaguma
Outfits: GRAVES Leather/Latex/Metal
Boots: Bax
Location: I don't know, I was tp'd. I'm not paid to think people. Look up Metaverse Island, you'll find it!
Grand Opening: Friday, June 1, 2012 at 3pm SLT

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Damn Paparazzi!

So, today was just out for a bit of a shopping, and wouldn't you know it! Damn paparazzi lurking about everywhere! One nice thing, they caught a good shot of my new bag from Mon Tissu.

I pulled down my shades and gave them a bit of attitude. I guess I should be glad I remembered to wear panties and that I wasn't getting out of the cab! A girl has to be prepared!

I think the photographer could finally tell I was ready to continue on my merry way. I know its important to give the public what they want, but really, we SuperModels want a life too. After he 'crashed' I could only wait 20-30 minutes tops before I realized that he must have been having internet issues. Well, what-ever-your-name is, if you are reading this (and I know you are!) just send me a message and I'll be glad to autograph one of these for you. muuaah! 

What I'm wearing:

Hair: Vanity
Shades: Role Optic
Nails: Love Soul
Bag: Mon Tissu
Jewelry: Paper Couture
Top & Skirt: Maitreya
Shoes: N-Core

Photos: Krystanna Wycliffe..shhh lol

Friday, May 25, 2012

Humble Beginnings...

Homeless? Possibly. Fashionable? Definitely. Nino Heartsdale and myself return to our humble beginnings, living amongst the trees and occasionally in dilapidated structures, with only our sense of fashion to keep us warm. 

As siblings, we share many things; large closets filled with skeletons of the past, as well as fashion of future (mesh, omg yes thank you!) Some things we don't share: money, and men. She's so stingy! ;)

If you don't know what we're wearing, shame on you! Just teasing! Here's the breakdown:

Nino Heartsdale & Krystanna Wycliffe

Corset: Celoe
Trousers: Celoe
Hair: Truth
Nino Jewelry: Mandala
Krys Jewelry: Earthstones
Nails: Mandala
Shoes: N-Core
Makeup: MOCK